Friday, May 2, 2014

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana should be decriminalized because it would lead to less crime, innocent people wouldn't be behind bars just for holding a joint or selling a gram, and if it gets legalized it would be for medical use or recreational use, depending on what the states want.

 Currently there are twenty one states that have legalized marijuana:
The total number of people who use marijuana medically is 1, 029, 315

Marijuana helps reduce chronic pain

Disadvantages to legalizing marijuana:

More serious abuse of the "drug"

Serious lung diseases (hairs on the lung disappear)

Some consider it a gateway drug

Bad influence on children

So, even though there are many benefits to legalizing marijuana for allowing it to be recreationally accepted or medically, there are also some disadvantages. I personally believe that it should be medically allowed everywhere, because there has never been a reported incident of anyone dying of overdosing on pot. However there has been on other pills, and drugs. SO in the long run, the biggest benefit to legalizing marijuana would be that the government could make money off the tax of the sales.

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